The region that we source from is broadly called Oceana, this includes Indonesia, and areas like Borneo, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea. There is still an abundance of interesting craft that comes out of this region. When we choose furniture from this region we look for good quality wood – old seasoned wood that will last forever. The Javanese furniture in particular is made from really good quality teak – either genuine old pieces in good condition or new pieces manufactured from old wood. Either way, the style is generally traditional with simple, elegant lines.




From Africa, we tend to look for accent furniture pieces of a utility style, such as stools and small tables. We source vessels from East and North Africa or any of the dry, arid areas where wood is scarce. The wood that grows there is normally very hard and durable, and the utility items that are crafted from the wood eventually become really nice artifacts because they generally stay with the nomadic tribes for a long time. When you look beyond the piece itself, you can imagine a whole history behind it – it is exotic and great for décor.


In east Africa, we source from Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia. We also choose pieces from Rwanda, Malawi and from South Africa, where we get simple grass-work and beadwork.


In central Africa, there are rain forests with a plentiful supply of wood, and this is where we get really fine pieces such as detailed mask and other carvings. West Africa is probably one of the most prolific regions for masks, statues, statuettes and fetishes.




We get our pieces primarily from Rajasthan in the north of India, which tends to be dryer climatically. With its rich heritage, lush forests and colourful culture, Rajasthan is often portrayed as one vast open-air museum. This area is famous for its textiles, old furniture and architectural pieces and well-preserved relics. 


Many of our products are one-off pieces such as masks, figures and headrests, and even when there is more than one of a specific item, not one item looks the same as another due to all the items being originals and handmade. In order to deal with such variation in items, you are not able to purchase directly online – rather, you will need to get in contact with us and we will send you images of all the stock we may have. We understand that art is extremely subjective and because of this we want to avoid disappointment and ensure that you get exactly what you want! We would also like for this page to serve as not only a store but also an informative space and a gallery for art, therefore all items will be kept on this page even after they are sold.